Friday, March 21, 2014

Spring break 2014

We recently had spring break. Grace got to go to Destin with her mom and her cousin, so that was super exciting. The rest of us got to stay home in st. Louis to enjoy the changing of the seasons.

We started our break with a trip to powder valley. I'd never been there before. We enjoyed a walk on a trail and then played inside for a while. What a cool place. I'll have to not forget how much fun we had and take them there again. 

My mom took Jane to make invitations to her birthday party. She's having her party at Yucando Art studio this year with a few of her girl friends from school. She's super excited. Here's what the outside of her invitations looked like. Each one was unique.

Jane got to go "cake hunting" with her friend Maggie one afternoon. They drove all around St. Louis to find the 250th birthday celebration cakes. She had so much fun!! We also ended up finding a cake one afternoon while we were at Laumeire Sculpture park with some friends. Here's Jane and Kate with the cake and some pictures of the kids enjoying the art.

I spent some time completing my first full roll of un-paper towels. Here's my finished product! So fun. I think so far we all like using them quite a bit. We are spoiled with our laundry room right off our kitchen. If our house weren't set up that way, I'm not sure how committed I would be able to get our whole family to these.

It seems like all we did was visit parks during this break, but the weather cooperated, so we never saw the same place twice. It was great!! And we got to see so many friends along the way. 

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