Thursday, March 13, 2014

Bring it on blog world!

I am so excited to write my first post on my new blog. I have such a fun life and family, I think it's worth sharing. So here goes.

Everyday is a new adventure for me. Whether it's just staying at home, or doing something exciting outside of our house, it's always exciting.

You have to know about my kids, they are hilarious! Here's a pic of my Kate today.

This girl is one of the funniest almost 3 year olds I've ever met. She talks my ears off, and she says the funniest things. Just check this outfit out. Jane had a dance recital when she was about 3, and Kate has recently found Jane's leotard and tutu, so here you go...Kate's new favorite outfit. They people at Dierberg's today just didn't know what to think about her. Her grandma found her the cowgirl boots and they have been glued to her feet now for 2 days. Oh what a girl. So much fun!!

So my great friend Emily, at, has helped me get this blog up and going. She is my blog and lots of other fun things expert. She has a super fun blog about her mommy world as well, so check her out. 

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