Friday, March 25, 2016

Spring break in St. Louis day 5

Happy Good Friday and day five of spring break in St. Louis. Started our day this afternoon with a visit to sky zone. It just opened this past spring and so this was a great opportunity to take all three kids there today. I brought Marie with me to help me with the little ones. Thank God for Marie.

Me and 2 of my favorite moms! They help me keep my village of kids under control. I love these girls!!

They all jumped for approximately 90 minutes. They were exhausted. We we're going to try out a new smoothie place that opened, but we had our day wrong and the place doesn't open till tomorrow. So we get ended up getting frozen yogurt instead. That's never a bad thing.

We love our Marie so much!!

Since our spring break days are numbered, we decided to go swimming again. So off to Riverchase we all went. The children again had a wonderful time swimming in the indoor pool.

You would think they would be tired and ready to go home and go to bed but of course they were not. So they had to play the play area before we left Riverchase. 

I figured they would ask again for culvers after we went swimming. That seems to be the pattern. While we were at culvers Brian was going to the gym to work out. When I told the kids where he was, they of course wanted to go play in the kid zone at the gym. So another hour of exercise for the kids and mom and dad. Brian and I walked on treadmills while the children played for an hour in the kid zone at the gym.

Day 5 ended up being a full on exercise day for everyone. We had a super fun day. 

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