Friday, March 25, 2016

Spring break in St. Louis day 4

Day 4 was quite the adventure. We took all the kids and Chloe on a train ride from Kirkwood to Washington Missouri. This was the first time any of the kids had been on a train. They were so excited!

The train ride was only 44 minutes long. My mom drove my van to Washington Missouri to meet us. So after the train got going I took each of the kids to the cafĂ© car so they can see what it was like. They got to walk around on the train. They thought that was pretty big stuff. I also taught them how to open the doors by pressing the button with their foot. That was cool for them.

The train station in Washington has an old red caboose at the station. This is the picture we had taken when we arrived. We had so much fun. This was a total grandma day. Grandma Sue rode the train and my mom drove the car. We are very lucky group to have these great grandma's in our lives!!

We finish the afternoon with lunch at Cowans in Washington. 

I have to admit, the drive home in the van was not as much fun as the train ride to Washington. I think I should be traveling more by train with my children because it was great.

I think for my kids the best part of the day was when we got home and daddy came home from Florida. He had a good trip with his dad and Steve.  I think the next time he goes to spring training he'll have to take David with him. 

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