Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Electronics what???

We decided that we were going to take a break from electronics in our house for a little while. Basically the only thing available is the radio. All tablets are put away, the laptops are all cord free (so no laptops), and the radio is pretty much always playing. I think our kids, like many others in todays world, are too dependent on electronics for fun. So...this house is getting a shake down! 

We are on day 3. Day 1 was a dry run, Jane's computer died and she didn't get it charged. But there weren't any fights. We finished the night with movie night in our bed. We watched The Book of Life all cuddled up together. It was awesome. Then everyone went to bed.

Day 2 was our first day with Grace back at our house and so it was full family...zero electronics. It was interesting. The littles played Legos all day, and Grace joined the fun with Kate, and we ended it all with trivia that had us all laughing! What a fun night. Then...bedtime...I think Grace said about 50 times between 8:30 and 9:00 "this is so boring. I'm not doing this." Then Kate had an epic meltdown that was awesome! Not in a good way. It lasted about 15 minutes, and was just a WOW moment! Crazy! Brian finally told the big girls that they needed to retreat to their rooms before Kate blew up, and the big girls read and read and read. Such a good ending.

Today is day 3. It's going pretty well. This has caused me to come up with creative things to do with the children that don't include the tv or them watching a screen.

Kate, David and I finger painted on tupperware bowl lids and got pretty messy. so much fun! David wasn't quite sure of it all, and didn't get very messy. Kate loved it and thought it was so fun!! A little sensory play time certainly never hurt these preschoolers. I'll have to see what I can come up with for tomorrow.

Now it's quiet time. Kate is curled up on my bed and David is napping. This could be the beginning of a family transition that I think we need. Say a quick prayer that this goes well. I'll report back soon.

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